Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) programs are community-based collaborations between law enforcement, the mental health system, and consumer and family advocacy groups. In New York State, the NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH) Division of Forensic Services oversees the development of these programs, in partnership with the Institute for Police, Mental Health and Community Collaboration. The process of building a local CIT program consists of several key components, including:

Local Steering Committee

The foundation of CIT programs is built through collaborative relationships between law enforcement, mental health system representatives, and consumer and family advocates. To support the development of these relationships, localities must establish or utilize existing forums to discuss strengths and challenges in the local system, prioritize areas for improvement, and implement new practices. These forums also serve as oversight or advisory groups for CIT programs.

Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) mapping

Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) mapping is designed to enhance a community’s infrastructure and delivery of crisis intervention services by bringing together key stakeholders to identify strengths and gaps in the current system. During this exercise, experienced facilitators utilize the Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) to guide participants through the process of creating a local “map” of services and resources. As the map is created, facilitators and stakeholders will work together to prioritize target areas for improvement, with the goal of minimizing criminal justice involvement for persons in emotional distress.

Crisis Intervention Team Training

Crisis Intervention Team training consists of 40 hours of education and scenario training and is designed for experienced law enforcement officers who have interest in, volunteer for, and are screened for suitability to participate in specialized mental health crisis training. The training is co-facilitated by representatives from law enforcement and the mental health system. Through this training, LEOs will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge, skills, and confidence related to interactions with individuals in emotional distress. LEOs will also learn about diversion resources in their communities, to enhance their ability to connect individuals to appropriate treatment as an alternative to arrest, whenever possible.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health First Aid training is an 8-hour class that provides a basic foundation of knowledge and skills related to mental health crisis response and can also serve as a refresher for LEOs who have received other mental health training in the past. This training is also co-facilitated by law enforcement and mental health representatives, and NYS OMH partners with the Mental Health Association in New York State (MHANYS) to provide this training at the local level.

CIT Statewide Map

Since the statewide CIT initiative began in 2015 (as of 12/31/23)


Sequential Intercept Model Mapping Workshops Conducted


CIT Trainings Conducted


Law Enforcement Officers and Allied Professionals Completed CIT Training


Law Enforcement and Mental Health Professionals Completed CIT Train-the-Trainer

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