The resources below are for the police departments and mental health agencies that are part of the Mobile Access Program.

Training Videos and User Agreements

The below videos are required viewing for those who have not attended the in-person training conducted by Institute staff.

Law Enforcement
View Full Video

Mental Health
View Full Video

After viewing the training videos, please complete the Acceptable Use Policy & User Agreement below and submit to Don Kamin at

Download User Agreement

Quarterly Zoom Meetings

Below are recordings and minutes of the quarterly Zoom meetings that are open to all participants in the Mobile Access Program. The purpose of the meetings is to exchange information and problem-solve with the goal of increasing utilization of the program.

Meeting of July 25, 2022 & minutes

Meeting of October 24, 2022 & minutes

Meeting of January 30, 2023 & minutes

Meeting of April 24, 2023 & minutes

Meeting of July 24, 2023 & minutes

Meeting of October 23, 2023 & minutes

Meeting of January 22, 2024

The next meeting is scheduled for April 29, 2024 at 2:00 pm. Please contact Don Kamin if you do not have a Zoom link for our next meeting.

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