Mobile Access Program

The resources below are for law enforcement jurisdictions and mental health providers that are part of the NYS Senate sponsored Mobile Access Program (MAP).

For Law Enforcement Officers:

For Mental Health Clinicians:
MAP Data Portal

Please note that all law enforcement and mental health agencies participating in MAP have access to the on-line data portal. County Mental Health Directors have access to that as well. After each Zoom session police officers and mental health clinicians are required to complete a brief questionnaire about the process and outcome of the Zoom session that just occurred. The data portal contains all of that data and can be used for evaluation and program improvement purposes. If you have lost your password to access the portal, please contact Jordan Sterman ( Prior to accessing the data portal for the first time, we strongly suggest that you watch the instructional video.

Quarterly Zoom Meetings

Below are recordings and minutes of the quarterly Zoom meetings that are open to all participants in the Mobile Access Program. The purpose of the meetings is to exchange information and problem-solve with the goal of increasing utilization of the program.

Meeting of July 25, 2022 & minutes

Meeting of October 24, 2022 & minutes

Meeting of January 30, 2023 & minutes

The next meeting is scheduled for April 24, 2023 at 2:00 pm. Please contact me ( if you do not have a Zoom link for our next meeting.

MAP Media Coverage:

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